Weekly Themes

Throughout the summer, we will have a weekly themes that ensures that each day, moment, and memory your child has with The Ozone is exciting and unique!



Can you and your team beat the challenges each and every day?  It's not the strongest or the smartest, but the entire group that counts!


Week of Water

Water parks, slip n slide, water balloons, water guns, and every water activity that makes us “cool”!



Where Science Meets Fun! From dry ice to homemade water rockets, this week will amaze.




Turf Wars

This week’s tournament consists of grass games such as football, kickball, soccer, spike ball, and more!



Wheels and Deals

Skating competitions, bicycle obstacle courses, and races on trikes!



Crafts, pottery, painting, and crayons like never before!



It's a Small World After All

Visit a different continent each day at The Ozone! Together, we will experience the different food, clothing, and fun that each culture has to offer.



Color Wars

It’s as if the world has split into two teams - Red vs. Blue, but it is all just for fun!




On the Big Screen

From taking photo’s to filming - let’s make it a wrap!