Did you figure out which statement was false? Check your answers below!

Name Lie Name Lie
Chris Mardigan I speak 3 languages. Brandon Mabry I am 6'1.
Lauren O I have 5 siblings. Julia My favorite food is steak.
Jack I have a twin. Lee I have been to an NFL game.
Margaret My favorite drink is root beer. Casey I've been bungie jumping.
Lauren D My sister is a vegetarian. Ryan I love the ocean.
Haley I've met Thomas Rhett. Maria I have never been out of the country.

I had a pet lizard named Chico.

Drew I have 3 pets.
Rachel I like chocolate. Leah I've been to Iceland.
Lyndsey I've broken 2 bones. Landon I've played baseball for 12 years.
Brittney I have 3 labs. Ian I attend Harvard University.
Jade I've never been out of the country. Jessica I like bananas.
Elizabeth AKA Biscuit - Casey B I don't like to swim