If we can't get together physically, we thought why not get together virtually?

The GOzone is a virtual Ozone, built using a kids favorite online game -- Roblox. We've replicated the look of the Ozone, and our staff will be "onsite-online" to replicate the feel of the Ozone. The only thing missing is YOU!!! If you are unfamiliar with how to use Roblox, we've created GOzone Instructions for a brief tutorial of all you need to know to help you get started.

A schedule for each week's activities at The GOzone will be posted on our Facebook page (thelittleozone) and our Instagram account (totheozone)!


A few words on SAFETY and COMFORT before we tell you how to join in on the FUN and EXCITEMENT.
• The GoZone is for kids (and their parents) ONLY.
• The GoZone is an exclusive club. Just like the physical Ozone, we don't allow strangers to play with our the kids. We MUST KNOW YOU (or if you'd like to invite a friend over, or you're planning on attending the Ozone is the future, we need to have an introductory meeting) before you can join us online
• You MUST "friend us" (totheozone) through Roblox to join us online. Instructions are attached.
• The GoZone is only open for select times during the day. When we aren't monitoring the game, we will take it offline (i.e. lock up the building), so no one can mess with our stuff (or leave their germs around)
• The GoZone is evolving. Just like you never know what fun and excitement happens at the physical site, the same goes for online. Want to see a game or activity, let us know and we'll look at including it.
• The GoZone has the same kindness rules as the Ozone. Treat others as you'd like to be treated. Online kindness is a much needed skill, let's develop it together.